Charlotte LUNGe Forward 5K Run, Walk & Rally 2019

Team MadigANGIE: Lunging for a cure

Greetings to all and Happy New Year:
My sincere wishes for a Happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019 to everyone and your loved
On March 30, 2019, I will be participating in the annual Charlotte LUNGe Forward 5K Run,
Walk & Rally (at McAlpine Creek Park) benefiting the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina. If you are able, your
support would be greatly appreciated. Your registration for this event will contribute to the
ongoing efforts in the area of research & development whether you can participate in the 5k
or not. To date, there have been amazingly effective advancements treating Lung Cancer,
and there are many more in the pipeline (including current clinical trials). 80% of all
contributions go directly to research, awareness campaigns, education and access to
support programs.
For those who do not know, I was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer 5/19/2017.
Completely unexpected as I have been a non-smoker my entire life. I have been through
radiation to my hip and lung, 1 year of targeted therapy, and currently have chemo
regularly along with an immunotherapy drug. I did not realize I would still be going through this
rollercoaster ride 1 1/2 years later, but Matt and I have accepted that this is our new
normal. We have adapted well thanks to all of the support from wonderful family, friends,
and colleagues. As a non-smoker, lung cancer patient, it was shocking to learn that lung
cancer can affect anyone at anytime. Approximately 18% of all lung cancer patients are
non smokers. Sadly, lung cancer is the number one killer of cancers and is responsible for
more deaths each year than breast, prostate and colon cancer COMBINED. With all of this,
sadly, it is also the least funded due to common public perception that it’s self-induced and
thus preventable. I am but one voice and am making it my mission to raise awareness.
Ultimately, funding for R&D is the primary driver to save lives. I would consider it an honor
if you would consider joining my team and also donating to this worthy cause.
The mission of the Lung Cancer Initiative is to save lives and provide support to those
affected by lung cancer through research, awareness, education and support access
programs across North Carolina. Your tax-deductible contribution will fuel medical discovery,
increase survival and provide a network for hope and action for those affected by lung
cancer in our community.
It is fast and easy to support this great cause - you can make your donation online by
simply clicking on the link on the right side of this page. If you would prefer, you can also
send your contribution to the address listed below. More information on the Lung Cancer
Initiative of North Carolina and its programs can be found
Whatever you can contribute will help, it all adds up! I greatly appreciate your support and
will keep you posted on my progress.
Thank you very much for your consideration and support. Angie Madigan


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